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Frequently Asked Questions About Wrought Iron Balcony Railings

Apr 17, 2023 | Iron Railings

Wrought iron has swiftly become a staple within interior and exterior design because of the design versatility that it provides as well as the strength and durability that it is comprised of. Many fixtures within the home, such as window frames, doors, gates, and wrought iron balcony railings have begun to transition toward this material.

The strength and versatility that wrought iron provides is perfect for almost any space, including outdoor living spaces and indoors. Let’s have a look at some of the frequently asked questions to understand why wrought iron balcony railings have become an easy favorite in home design.

Commonly Asked Questions About Iron Railings

If you’re considering installing or maintaining wrought iron balcony railings for your Orange County home, it’s a good idea to consult with professionals in metal railings to get personalized advice and recommendations. Here are some frequently asked questions about wrought iron balcony railings.

What is Wrought Iron Made From?

Wrought iron is an iron alloy that has a lower carbon content than most forms of iron. This material is fused with silicate slag to give it the consistency and strength that it has been known for. Due to the manufacturing process involved in creating wrought iron, the finished product is stronger, denser, and more durable.

Why is Wrought Iron Used in Railings?

Wrought iron is used in railings because of the strength and versatility that it provides. The key feature of a railing is that it is designed for safety purposes. Without a railing, the occupants have a high risk of getting injured due to falling. Wrought iron is able to withstand high pressures that have been placed against it without bending or breaking.

The second reason that makes wrought iron a popular choice is the design versatility that it provides. While creating wrought iron is simple, the installation process and the adaption of this material to the specific design are just as easy.

Wrought iron is able to be molded and warped into intricate shapes and patterns without losing the structural integrity that it provides to a space.

How Durable is Wrought Iron Railing?

Another beneficial feature of wrought iron railing is the durability that it maintains. This railing type consistently maintains a durable nature throughout its lifespan. This means that pressure, weight, and external factors seldom affect the health of the railings.

It is also a preferred railing type due to its survivability under harsh conditions. Wrought iron has an extensive lifespan because it is resistant to many factors that may affect it such as rust.

Iron railings often incorporate an extra layer of coating that boosts their durability and lifespan whilst also making them easier to maintain.

How to Maintain Wrought Iron Railing?

Wrought iron is known for its low-maintenance approach to design. This type of material is exceptionally easy to clean and maintain.

By simply using a mixture of water and dish soap, wrought iron railings can be thoroughly cleaned and maintained without the further use of harsh and often expensive cleaning supplies. 

As mentioned before, this material can withstand a range of different environments without durability being affected. In a maintenance and cleaning sense, this concept translates to its ease of use and repairs.

What are Some Latest Balcony Railing Design Ideas?

Designing your own balcony railing can be an exciting process. Wrought iron allows for your design to become more intricate and breathtaking. Some of the popular design choices include:

  • Picket railing
  • Small circle railing
  • Artistic or ornamental railing
  • Grid railing

As well as a range of other design options. When you choose wrought iron for your design, the material is able to seamlessly adapt and morph into whatever form is necessary.

How High Should a Railing Be on a Balcony?

The optimal height for a balcony railing should be around an average of 3 feet to 3.5 feet in height. A key factor to consider is the occupants within the house. If children or pets are present, it is also essential to ensure that the balcony railing accommodates their needs.

For children and pets, it should be high enough out of their reach and low enough to stop them from crawling or pushing through. The spacing in the design should also be taken into account. If the spacing is too far apart, this may pose a risk for children and pets to slip through.

A healthy balance of visual appeal and personal safety should always be taken when designing a unique balcony railing.

What Color is the Best for Balcony Railing Design?

The most popular color that is used for balcony railing designs is black. Black is a sleek and sophisticated color that adds an element of elegance to any space. The chosen color should highlight key design features within the home’s architectural style.


Color and color theory is a fantastic means of ensuring that your balcony railing serves to boost the visual appeal rather than hinder it. From modern architecture designs to classic architecture designs, black offers a versatile solution to almost every design need due to its slick and clean visual appeal.

Which Railing is Best for Outdoor?

When choosing an outdoor railing design, the key choice should serve to boost the visual appeal whilst also maintaining its purpose, which is to keep occupants safe. An outdoor railing needs to be durable, strong, and have a long lifespan

Wrought iron is the best material for the outdoor living space because it is easy to maintain, durable, and offers a wide range of potential design avenues.

While there are many different materials that could be used for outdoor railings, such as wood or steel, none prove as beneficial and structurally sound as wrought iron.

Partnering with the Best Master Craftsmen

If you have made the decision to incorporate wrought iron balcony railings into your balconies, it is a great first step to partner with an expert team of wrought iron craftsmen like our team at Naddour’s Custom Metalworks.

Our Orange County ironworks and fabrication company has assisted numerous designers, homeowners, and design projects in Southern California. Our artisans are dedicated in providing unique wrought iron railings and fixtures that encapsulate the intended vision of the design. 

Having a strong and durable railing is the first step toward feeling proud and secure within your stunning home so that you can wake up every day and enjoy a good cup of coffee on your beautiful balcony.

Receive the right help, from the right team, contact us at 714-546-3003 at Naddour’s Custom Metalworks today!

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We take pride in adding the WOW factor to your home.

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