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Metalworks Company Servicing Laguna Hills — Modern and Ornamental Iron Works, Staircases, Railings, Balconies, Gates and Doors!


Naddour’s Custom Metalworks specializes in modern iron stair railings, balusters, balustrades, guardrails, handrails and more! We design, fabricate and install metal railings for staircases, balconies and walkways for our clients in Laguna Hills, California. As the leading manufacturer of ornamental wrought iron works, custom railings and spiral staircases in Orange County, we provide the highest quality of workmanship, detail and beauty for our products and services. We are located in Santa Ana and servicing Southern California.

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Laguna Hills is a beautiful city located in Orange County with convenient access to nearby destinations like Laguna Canyon and Laguna Beach. The city has a rich history stretching back to the early 19th century, which is why you will find a beautiful mix of architectural styles throughout Laguna Hills, ranging from charming bungalows to glamorous cliffside villas.

Only a few miles from the beach, Laguna Hills is also a popular travel destination and a great place to live for anyone who wants to take in the Southern California coastline. There really is something for everyone in Laguna Hills!

Laguna Hills custom ironworks are an excellent way to increase your home’s style and visibility. Wrought iron is a great addition to any home due to the durable nature of the material and its versatility. Many residents in Laguna Hills opt for solid iron doors due to their secure nature and ability to insulate your home against heat and cold, depending on the season.


Naddour’s Custom Metalworks™ Serving Clients in Laguna Hills, CA



At Naddour’s Custom Metal Works, we design, fabricate, and install ornamental iron works for residential homes and businesses. We not only want you to be able to add value to your home, but to feel like you’ve designed every aspect of it, including the small details like handrails and your main entry door.

Ironworks can help you add a touch of understated elegance to any home in any area. We specialize in designing, crafting, and installing custom metalwork.



Wrought iron railings are one of the favorite services that we provide to customers in Laguna Hills, CA. Not only can these railings keep you and your family safe on staircases and balconies, but they can also increase the value of your home. Custom ornamental and modern stair railings add beauty and a touch of elegance. We provide all our customers with beautiful, functional, and affordable iron railing for balconies, staircases, and handrails and guardrails.



Stringers and spiral staircases in Laguna Hills, California, are popular because they are uniquely designed and elegant. Interior and exterior stringers can make your home appear more sophisticated, while spiral staircases are space-saving. When designing your metal staircase, you need a professional ironwork company to ensure that you achieve the style, craftsmanship, and functionality that you want for your home.



We design hand-crafted and expertly installed iron doors, including:

  • Front Entry Doors

  • Wine Room Doors

  • Security Screen Doors

  • Courtyard Doors

  • And more!

Our ironwork artisans and craftsmen observe the highest quality standards in crafting an extensive selection of quality ironwork doors.

We offer beautiful, decorative wrought iron with dual-pane glass at competitive prices.



We specialize in designing and crafting beautiful, affordable entry and driveway gates for both commercial and residential clients. We provide each customer with exceptional quality and competitively priced services. Whether you prefer simplicity or an ornamental gate, we can design and custom-build any gate based on your preferences.



We provide residential and commercial clients with beautiful, functional, and, most of all, affordable iron fences. Our US-based artisans pride themselves on their high standards of quality and workmanship. We build iron fences to last!

  • Residential Security and Property Line Fences

  • Pool Enclosures

  • Perimeter Fences

  • Pet Enclosures

Our iron fencing is available in a variety of irons and finishes.



We offer comprehensive ironwork services in Laguna Hills, CA, including custom metalwork. Our metal workshop empowers our craftsmen to custom-design and fabricate functional and decorative ironwork for any application. We can custom-design, build, and install the following:

  • Staircases

  • Stables and Sheds

  • Metal Bridges and Gazebos

  • Metal Furniture and Artwork

  • Safe Doors and Panic Room Doors

  • And More!

Don’t see your next project listed here? Contact us today to learn how we can help you create the ironworks your Laguna Hills home deserves.




Naddour’s Custom Metalworks is a full-service Orange County iron works manufacturer. We are with our clients every step of the way, from concept to design and installation. We expertly plan, craft, and install all types of metalwork for any function or application.

In addition to our services, we offer a custom metal workshop to enable our professionals to work closely with home and business owners to custom design, custom fabricate, and expertly install metalwork for any application.

You can expect a quality customer experience. We’ll work with you every step of the way so that you get the exact result you want. From concept to design and fabrication, we’ll work together to add that touch of style to your home.

Don’t forget to ask us about any other custom metalwork projects you have in mind. Our artisans can help you create the perfect statement piece.

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