Balcony Railing Design Tips for Your Orange County Home

Apr 3, 2023 | Iron Railings

Designing your own wrought iron balcony railings is a great way to tie an entire design piece together. Iron railings are versatile enough to adapt to almost every shape, size, and form, giving the designer more room to work with.

Cohesion and visual appeal are two critical concepts that ensure that a design is completely tied together. There are many different design options when it comes to your balcony railings. 

Choosing one that matches the visual appeal and original design concept is a simple matter of understanding how flow may impact a design, and opting for a design that serves to boost the visual appeal of the piece.

This guide will assist you in understanding what factors to consider while designing your balcony railing, as well as some of the popular design choices that are available in 2023.

Factors to Consider When Making Your Balcony Railing Design Choice

When deciding on what sort of railing design you want, it is important that you take a few factors into consideration. The main factor to consider is the total design of the home. When designing your railing, it is essential that the design of the railing serves to bolster the visual appeal of the space rather than inhibit it.

Railings serve as an innovative means to provide design cohesion throughout a project. If your home focuses on the modern aesthetic of clean-cut lines and sharp edges, a custom railing that matches this idea can make tie the visual appeal of the space together.

The next factor to consider is the size of the space available. If the design is intricate but the space does not allow for it, the railing could feel cramped and out of space. Having intricate and beautiful designs often requires a slightly larger space than usual.

If there is a repeating pattern within the railing, ensuring that the beginning and end of the railing match is an innovative means to include flow into the design concept.

Finally, safety is key. When deciding on your balcony rail, it is essential to ensure that you are partnering with a company that produces high-quality railings. Although balcony railings provide a lovely visual appeal, the main purpose that they serve is to protect those who occupy the space from accidents such as falling. Having a high-quality and strong railing is paramount to a successful and relaxing space that is free of any problems that may arise.

Balcony Railing Design Ideas 2023

With the myriad of different design options that are available in 2023, there is an option for every home and space. Choosing the right design comes down to your vision and design taste.

Here are some of the more popular balcony railing design ideas that have been used throughout many balcony spaces.


The grill-style railing type is a well-known choice because of the vintage visual appeal that it provides and its spatial versatility. This type of balcony railing is comprised of horizontal and vertical lines that crisscross one another to form a grid pattern.

This is a popular choice because of the high visibility that it offers whilst also providing a great level of security.

Picket Railing

The picket railing adds a touch of elegance and sleek visual appeal to it which is what makes it one of the popular choices in balcony railing designs.

This railing design is comprised of vertical poles with horizontal slats that run throughout the design. Much like its name, this balcony railing design mimics that of a picket fence.

The spacing between each vertical pole can be increased or decreased based on your own preference to give it a more personal and comfortable feel.


The curved balcony railing design has swiftly become a personal favorite for many designers. This balcony railing type is often designed with a specific space in mind, and is tailored to exactly match the need that is present within your balcony in regards to the size and shape.

The curves and intricate details that are embedded within it offer a unique sense of grace, sophistication, and class to any outdoor living space. This is a great choice that provides a fashionable substitute for the more traditional and structured straight lines. 

Small Circle Balcony Railing

In some home designs, it is common to find a small balcony that leads out from a bedroom or space. These balconies serve as a lovely means to enjoy a good morning cup of coffee.

Since these balconies are small in size, having a balcony railing that matches the need is imperative.

A small circle balcony railing is an innovative means of utilizing the small space to create a beautiful design piece that is sure to stand out from the more traditional forms of balconies.

Artistic Railings

An innovative and popular means of approaching a railing design is by incorporating artistic elements into it. More often than not, railings are solely used for the purpose of guarding a balcony edge.

In an artistic design element, it fulfills its purpose whilst also using ornamental iron as a form of art, such as specific and intricate designs, to truly breathe new life into the outdoor living space. 

This form of balcony railing has become increasingly popular due to its unique nature and design freedom.

Find Professionals for Your Balcony Railings

Partnering with the right wrought iron balcony railing designer in Orange County, such as our team, is a vital component in reaching your desired end goal and vision for the design project.

From balcony to modern stair railings, we are a specialist in crafting wrought iron design pieces that are not only sleek and elegant, but exceptionally strong and durable. Safety and appeal mean a lot within a design and we ensure that every design is immaculately crafted and installed.

With the right partner on your side, you can truly take your design idea to the next level. Get in touch with our team and start designing your very own unique wrought iron balcony railings. Contact us at 714-546-3003 at Naddour’s Custom Metalworks today!

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