3 Popular Stair Railing Designs for Your Stairs Remodel

Aug 9, 2021 | Iron Railings

Wrought iron is a timeless feature in any home. No matter your style, Orange County iron works will enhance your decoration for years to come. Stair railings are a vital part of your home decor, so why not make use of the space with wrought iron that’s both functional and decorative?

In this article, we’ll cover some popular railing designs to inspire you as you remodel your building.

The Importance of Stair Railings

Stair railings are an important part of any building with multiple stories. Railings make it easier for people to use the stairs and keep their balance, especially for seniors and young children. People can hold onto railings for support, and it also prevents small children from falling off a flight of stairs.

The best railings are easy to use, allowing people to slide their hands along smoothly. The top of any handrail should be small enough for people to grasp easily. If a railing is too thick, it will be hard to grasp and fail to serve its purpose. 

Aside from functionality, stair railings are also a visual focal point in any home. You’ll see them every day—so, why not splash out and create a design that reflects the rest of your decor?

Finding the Perfect Design

The perfect railing design really depends upon your existing decor and the look you want to create. Your home might blend some elements of different styles like modern with western, or ornate with farmhouse. Every home is different, and custom-made railings reflect that.

The color of your staircase is one way to add personality to it. You can choose colorful materials or even paint the railing to complement the colors in the room. Painting wrought iron seals it and protects it from rust so that it’ll last longer.

The style and design of a stairway railing can also reflect the overall style of your home and it’s also possible to add some interesting contrast with a railing.

In addition to style, the shape of your stairs and railing should flow with the rest of the room—emphasizing the best parts of your home.

  • Modern Railing Designs

A modern style is typically sleek, with clean lines and a stylish efficiency. Incorporating modern iron works into your home can truly elevate your design and update the rest of your home. 

Modern railings tend to feature straight lines and right angles instead of curves. Instead of adding visual interest with curls of metal, these designs might focus on the number, thickness, and angle of railing bars. For example, thick metal bars make a statement even though the overall design is simple. However, there are modern designs that include curves and waves.

Ideally, modern staircase railings will enhance the look of the room while adding visual interest. If the rest of your home is full of statement pieces, a sleek, straightforward railing may be just what you need. Narrow railing bars provide function and security in a subtle way.

Bright colors can add an unexpected touch to a room, and that’s perfect for a modern staircase. Furthermore, painting your wrought iron protects it from the elements, which prevents rusting and other damage.

Overall, modern railing designs are versatile and can either stand out or blend in with your decor. They’re a great choice for homes and businesses.

  • Ornate Railing Designs

Ornate railings look elaborate and impressive, and they often have a more traditional look. This is a bold style for someone who isn’t afraid to stand out. This style goes well with a home that has a strong sense of sophistication and decor.

Traditional ironwork brings to mind intricate scrolls and elaborate curls of metal. This is a striking style that makes an impact on everyone who sees it. Wrought iron in an ornate style can elevate your home.

There’s no better way to make a grand entrance than descending the stairs alongside an ornate iron railing

Ornate styles may have a theme, like florals or leaves. Botanical motifs are often incorporated into the scrolling ironwork, with occasional leaves, branches, and flowers. Other ornate railings stick to scrollwork or braided bars.

While Spanish ironwork centers on delicate curls of metal that are elegant but understated. 

  • Abstract Railing Designs

If you’re the type to push the envelope with your home decor, abstract designs are perfect for your style. These designs are neither modern nor traditional—instead, they capture a unique style that will be the centerpiece of any home.

Abstract designs may be geometric, rounded, or wavy. There’s a lot of variety in abstract designs, but the unifying feature is a unique style and a departure from the traditional wrought iron style.

Designs inspired by flowers, leaves, and trees are common. Instead of straight bar railings, an abstract railing might include branch-like bars or dense crisscrossing lines for a striking look. 

Geometric designs like patchworks and interlocking shapes stand out among traditional bar-style railings, but they have more of an edge than ornate ironwork. These railings stand out among minimalist decor and go well with a quirky style as well.

Abstract railing designs will help you show off your personality and create a memorable look for your home while still being functional. 

Blending Styles

Home decor is a wonderful way to express yourself, and it makes coming home more welcoming. Many people blend multiple styles to create something entirely their own. 

Ornamental mixed with abstract can create a kind of art deco look, bringing classic, century-old design to your home.

When it comes to Orange County iron work, our custom pieces will reflect whatever style you desire. We’re happy to create a modern railing, for example, with a few ornamental flourishes.

If you want an elaborate representation of a tree or botanicals, we can make it abstract and sophisticated. 

We specialize in modern iron works as well as more traditional designs and we’re happy to help you bring your visions to life and create a gorgeous home.

For more information and a free consultation, contact us at Naddour’s Custom Metalworks today.

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