Building a Modern Staircase for Your Commercial Space

Aug 23, 2021 | Iron Staircases

Renovating a commercial space is an important job, especially when it comes to stairs. The right staircase will serve an important purpose and also beautify your space. Entrust your building to skilled workers who can create a wrought iron stair railing Orange County.

In addition, a great staircase design will bring both safety and style to any location. 

Embody Modern Style

The first step to designing a new staircase is to choose an artistic direction. What does your business do, and what style works best for your clientele? There are several ways to bring modern style to your building.

Consider sleekness when choosing a style. Modern staircases often use simple, straight lines instead of curling decorative ones. However, gentle curves and waves have a definite place in modern design, and they help staircases look modern instead of plain and boring.

Modern designs also include unique features that wouldn’t appear in a traditional building. For example, an abstract railing design or color. Find ways to set your stairway apart from the rest, however minor. 

Keep a few of these suggestions in mind as you move forward and design your ideal staircase.

Safety Considerations

Staircases are utilitarian structures in any building. In commercial buildings, it’s especially important to be aware of safety regulations around them, including local ordinances.

A dangerous staircase is a threat to you, your employees, and even customers. Protect yourself and your business by constructing something of quality that will keep users safe.

What makes a staircase dangerous? First, a staircase should be in good working order, with a complete handrail that is well-secured. All of the steps should be present and undamaged. 

Finally, the stairs themselves should be clean and free of obstacles. Slippery staircases can cause accidents, and so can poor lighting. 

Hire an expert designer to create a staircase for your building that will last for years and stay firmly secured.

Types of Staircase

The right type of staircase depends on the space you’re working with, and what it is used for. The options are endless, allowing for creative use of space and style.

To get started, here are some of the most common types of stairways found in commercial buildings.

Straight Stairs

Straight stairs are the simplest design option, but they’re also classic. This kind of staircase is a set of stairs that go up and down without any change in direction. These are often the easiest and most affordable options.

However, they take up the most space out of all staircase options, so they aren’t the best choice when space is very limited.

Straight Stairs with Landing

These stairs have a straight shape, but they’re broken up by a landing between the stairs. The landing can be in the middle or at the top of the stairs. This option is recommended for long staircases, so people have a place to stop as they go up or down the stairs. 

These stairs take up a lot of space, and opting for another style might be more space-efficient.

L-Turn Stairs

These stairs include a 90-degree turn, or L-turn, after a landing. The stairs then switch direction, continuing either to the left or right of where the stairs start out. This is a popular style that finds its way into homes and businesses alike.

This option may take up less space than a traditional staircase because of the turn. However, the more complex design tends to be more expensive.

U-Shaped Stairs

This is a type of straight stairs that includes a u-shaped turn at the landing. U-shaped stairs are a practical staircase option for commercial spaces like office buildings because they can fit into a smaller space than straight staircases. 

They take up less space than other designs, and the large landing allows people to rest between flights of stairs. However, the design tends to be more expensive.

Materials to Use

When you’re selecting the materials for a commercial staircase, there are some important considerations to keep in mind.

A staircase should include sturdy materials that can stand the test of time. Most of them get a lot of use from dozens of people each day. Quality materials will remain effective for years and years.

Staircase materials should also be easy to clean and maintain. A staircase that isn’t easily cleaned could end up looking dingy. Some materials require only minimal upkeep to keep them looking amazing. 

Finally, the best staircase materials should look incredible. You’ll be looking at this staircase on a regular basis, so choose something that is appealing to you and your clients.

Ornamental iron works embody all of those qualities. It has longevity, requires minimal maintenance, and becomes a centerpiece in any building.

Designing a Handrail

Once you have some basic plans in mind for your staircase, it’s time to get to work designing your railing. The railing is one of the most important parts of any staircase, it provides safety and also showcases a design of your choice.

A wrought iron handrail can support a lot of weight, giving people a sturdy, reliable railing to lean on. Proper installation will give you a railing you can rely on for many years.

Wrought iron is closely associated with ornamental designs that come across as more traditional. You may be picturing a Victorian manor with a curving staircase. 

However, wrought iron can be fashioned into some incredible modern designs. From simple bar railings to curving, slightly abstract ones, you can channel your business’s brand into your railing design.

Modern Staircase Design

When you choose a modern staircase design, the sky’s the limit. A custom railing will help set the tone for the entire staircase.

Railings will also help people move around your business more easily and safely.  Wrought iron is an excellent material for this purpose, so consider it for your next renovation. 

Our skilled team can bring your custom designs to life and install them securely.  To learn more about our services and schedule a free consultation, contact us at Naddour’s Custom Metalworks today.

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