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Ornamental Iron for Spiral Staircase

Combining functionality with elegance — we’ve manufactured wrought iron stair railing Orange County, along with hundreds of interior and exterior stringers and spiral staircases customized for every home.

While that is a simplistic definition of a wrought iron spiral staircase, there are several factors that go into the design. Therefore, when considering a design, you should think about the height, diameter, and location of the stairs, along with other functional and aesthetic factors such as the style of the treads, balusters, and railings.

All of our stairs and iron works can be designed based on your needs and preferences including budget and safety concerns. Our quality work will speak for itself. You may call us at (714) 266-1950 for more information and free estimates.


What is Wrought Ironwork for Stair Railings & Staircases?

Wrought irons are usually forged by hand using 100% water pressure, making the surface rough. However, the forging process gives iron its signature grainy texture. To further this, it has high in tensile strength and is more ductile compared to cast iron — the main reason why it is a perfect material to use for wrought iron staircase railing installation in Orange County.


Advantages of Wrought Iron Railing for Your Staircase Project in Orange County, CA


What are the advantages of choosing a wrought iron railing for your next staircase project in Orange County?

1. Wrought Iron Railings on a Stair are Long-Lasting

Wrought iron is composed of iron and carbon. Combined together, this material exudes strength, and at the same time stays malleable enough to be transformed into different shapes and curves.

Warm weather also plays a huge part in corrosion of metal. However, iron works are corrosion-resistant which is a perfect material to use for your next stairs project. With regard to maintenance, keep in mind that your stair railings would require a new paint job every three to five years.

2. Safety and Security

Wrought iron works, whether it be plain or ornamental iron, is an ideal material to use for stair railing because of its strength. Stair-related accidents happen at home and some of them are fatal. A custom ornamental iron railing won’t give way when leaned on by adults, and it can keep your children protected from falling from heights, making it safer for everyone in the house to go up and down their stairs. Using high-quality stair railings can prevent unwanted scenarios.

3. Beauty, Elegance, and Style in Ornamental Iron

Iron works are used as a popular stair railing choice because of their elegance, versatility, and timelessness. A stair railing or an iron gate doesn’t need to be boring. You can have our artisans and design experts in Orange County come up with eye-catching designs to your preference.

Unlike wood or steel, wrought iron has a grainy finish which also complements both contemporary and vintage structures, while its malleability allows for an easy installation.

Whether your style is rustic, Scandinavian, traditional, or eclectic, high-quality ornamental iron work will work well with other features of your property.


Custom Design for Ornamental Iron, Spiral Staircases and Stringers

Naddour’s Custom Metalworks is a premium metal fabricator and ironworks company in Orange County, CA. We provide metal handrails for staircases, stringers, railings, iron gates and fences. We are a family-owned metal fabrication company in California. We highly recommend our iron staircase designs for your home, commercial property, or relevant building. We put high level of dedication and hard work to provide you with high quality iron staircase railing and make every project successful.


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