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Wrought Iron Staircase Railing Ideas to Elevate the Design of Your Home

Oct 4, 2021 | Iron Railings

Many homes in California have timeless feature of wrought iron staircase. It’s almost assured that the architectural feature or ironwork is an enhancement to whatever decor you pair it with. The elegance depends on the ironwork design just like in wrought iron staircase railing. And when it comes to wrought iron, the versatility of designs you can do are almost endless.

We’ll cover a couple of railing design considerations guaranteed to elevate the style of your home.

Different Types of Staircase Railings and their Materials

Iron staircase railings are, first and foremost, an important safety feature to help prevent falls and injuries. Railings make it easier for people to use the stairs and keep their balance, especially for seniors and young children. Before we get into their types, always remember:

The best railings should be easy to use, should allow people to slide their hands along smoothly and should be small enough for people to grasp easily.

Staircase railings are typically made out of the following:

  • Wood
  • Wrought Iron
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Glass

Of all of these, the most commonly used and durable are Wrought Iron and Stainless Steel – both products of modern iron works.

While wood is the most traditional material for staircase railings, this also means that the aesthetic they provide can be quite dated. They also require quite a bit of maintenance as the years go by.

Aluminum, on the other hand, requires very little maintenance and is very malleable. Its main disadvantages are that they tend to warp, dent and scratch easily as well as cost more. 

Glass is relatively cheap and is easy to clean. The problem, of course, is that it’s fragile.

Stainless Steel does not have issues with this. It’s extremely strong and is known for its durability – making it probably the safest material to use for railings. But you could also say that it’s too strong – making custom designs a challenge

Wrought Iron is the superior choice for staircase railings. It’s durable, malleable and flexible – making an endless array of designs possible without sacrificing function. 

How to Choose the Right Stair Railing for Your Home

The choice for the right stair railing design really depends upon two things: 

  • The existing decor in your home, and
  • The look and theme you want to evoke

That said, you may want to take note of these considerations in order to truly elevate the design of your home.


Color instantly adds personality to your wrought iron staircase. You can choose colorful materials or even paint the railing to complement the colors in the room. Bright colors can add an unexpected touch to a room, and that’s perfect for a modern staircase. Painting wrought iron also seals it and protects it from rust in order to last longer.


  • Painted Rainbow – consider this: an ordinary-looking staircase with railings painted in various shades of vibrant colors lifting the spirits and adding cheer to anyone who sees it
  • Minimalist Chic – a simple metal frame colored black and white
  • Modern Metal – black treads and frames on white steps
  • Tech Zen – brown stair steps coupled with fancy ornate railings painted matte black

Styles and Designs

Wrought iron stair styles usually fall into the following categories: Modern, Ornate or Abstract:

Modern Railing Designs

This style emphasizes sleekness, with clean lines and stylish efficiency taking center stage. Incorporating modern iron works into your home can truly elevate your design and update the rest of your home. 

These designs might focus on the number, thickness, and angle of railing bars and tend to feature straight lines and right angles instead of curves – a great choice for homes and businesses.

Ornate Railing Designs

Ready to make a statement? Ornate railings might be your style. Their overlying look is elaborate and impressive while employing a more traditional approach. 

Think intricate scrolls and elaborate curls of metal with a striking style that impacts everyone who sees it. When people talk about making grand entrances descending stairs – this is what they’re talking about.

The most common ideas in ornate railing designs are florals or leaves and scrolling ironwork.

Spanish ironwork centers on delicate curls of metal that are elegant but understated. 

Abstract Railing Designs

It’s then easy to lump everything else as abstract. But there’s a bit more to it than that. Abstract designs are neither modern nor traditional— what they do is emphasize uniqueness. An abstract design almost often also always focuses the attention into a single centerpiece.

Whether they’re geometric, rounded, or wavy, there’s a lot of variety in abstract designs. But the unifying feature is a unique style and a departure from the traditional wrought iron style.

Common concepts in abstract design are:

  • Branch-like bars
  • Dense crisscrossing lines 
  • Patchworks
  • Interlocking shapes 

Your personality is the template in an abstract design. One that an experienced Orange County iron works company should have no trouble bringing out. 

What Should I Know About Wrought Iron Railings?

Wrought iron is versatile and can easily be crafted into various intricate shapes, like ornate ironworks – perfect for decorative railings. It is also highly resistant to corrosion and rusting, denser, and lends a slightly grainy wood texture when compared to steel and faux iron. Wrought Iron can also achieve a variety of colors through powder coating.

Wrought Iron will typically be pricier than other materials (aside from Aluminum). This is because it is almost always custom-produced.

While highly-resistant, wrought iron does rust – it’s still iron, after all – but periodical maintenance via recoating or repainting should be able to keep it at bay and have it last for a long tim.

Bring Those Designs to Life

The izzying numbe of designs you can use with wrought iron are endless so it’s easy to get lost in the sea of options. It’s also quite another matter entirely to see a design in your mind’s eye and translate those designs into something real.

Let’s make that easier for you. Naddour’s Custom Metalworks is home to a wide range of professionals and artisans in Orange County, CA who can bring those designs to life. Our custom pieces will reflect whatever style you desire, whether they’re Modern, Ornate or Abstract.

We specialize in modern and ornate design for wrought iron works in Orange County as well as more traditional designs and we’re happy to help you bring your vision to fruition.

For more information and a free consultation, contact us at Naddour’s Custom Metalworks today.

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We take pride in adding the WOW factor to your home.

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