What Are the Different Types of Wrought Iron Gates?

Mar 11, 2021 | Custom Metal Works

The use of wrought iron has stood the test of time as it remains to be one of the most popular building materials for centuries. It adds an imposing but beautiful presence to a property, whether it’s used for gates or fences. 

Gates are not just barriers that protect a property from outside elements, but it also adds immense curb appeal and thus can boost the value of your house or building.

Wrought iron in Orange County has remained favored among property owners because of its durability. It’s one of the strongest and long-lasting metals one can use for gates and fences. It’s also low maintenance, which is a huge plus since it can retain its original appearance after many years with minimal repairs or touch-ups.

If you’re the DIY type, you will also find wrought iron gates more for your liking. Many manufacturers are now catering to this market and are selling fence panels that you can easily install over a weekend. It can be as easy as setting the posts seven to eight feet apart in concrete, using a horizontal frame for the mounting bracket, and screwing the panels into the post.

Choosing the Right Wrought Iron Gate for Your Property

There are several factors in classifying the different types of wrought iron gates, but the best way to go about it is to identify them according to where the gates will be used within the property.

Privacy Gates and Fences

Privacy is one of the main reasons why people choose to have gates and fences erected in their property. It serves as a barrier that marks where your place starts and ends in relation to the rest of the land in your area. Gates and fences also reduce the visibility within or around your perimeter and keep prying eyes from getting to know what happens within your grounds.

Driveway Gates

Aside from restricting access to your property, gates are also used to create a distinct impression and command attention to your house. 

Outsiders may not be allowed inside, but they can certainly look and admire your property from afar. With lots of styles available, from Art Deco to Baroque, you can always find the perfect driveway gate to complement your house style.

Garden Gates

If you are lucky enough to own a secret garden in your property (or multiple gardens), you can create a more private and intimate space by installing garden gates. 

It can be designed to match your privacy or driveway gate and serve as an enchanting entryway into a small pocket of your yard or garden. Imagine a lovely wrought iron trellis in your garden gate, which can be custom-made by a master blacksmith in any ornamental or decorative design you wish.

Pool Safety Fences and Gates

This is basically a must if you have a pool and children co-existing within your property. In this case, safety is the primary use of the barrier so you must go for nothing less than first-rate construction and installation. 

But there’s no rule that says you can’t have a beautiful gate to go along with the safety. Certainly, pool safety fences can also enhance the look of your pool area.

Aside from the location of its installation, wrought iron gates are also classified according to the number of panels and the manner in which they close and open.

Single and Double Gates

As the name suggests, a single gate contains only one panel while a double uses two panels. Aesthetics may play a primary role in choosing which you would like for your property, but there are pros and cons to both that you should keep in mind.

Single gates require only one automatic opener (if you plan to use one) and need only half the hardware as compared to double gates. 

You don’t need as many bolts, hinges, drop rods etc. so naturally this will cost less than a double gate. But you will need to double the swing distance behind a single gate and you have to spend more on a heavier duty post since your gate’s weight will rely solely on it.

Double gates will definitely need less swing distance behind it and require a lighter duty post, which means less expense on that part. Aesthetically, double gates look more elegant and dramatic when opening from the center. But installing one requires more hardware and you will need a motor for each panel if you plan to use an automatic gate opener.

Sliding and Folding Gates

Sliding gates simply glide along the fence line, so this means it will consume less space on the driveway. No matter the size of your driveway, you can use sliding gates and will require only one gate motor to operate. 

Once your sliding gate is closed and locked, it cannot be forced open, which is a plus for security. Sliding gates are less affected by strong winds, as compared to swing gates.

But in order to accommodate a sliding gate, you will need enough space to be able to slide the panel. You will also need to dig up your driveway in order to lay down concrete footing. These are not needed when you opt for swing or folding gates. You only need a reasonable pair of hinges for the gate to open and close. 

So if you’re looking for a low-maintenance option, swinging gates is a more sensible choice. It doesn’t require electronics or a motor, but you can also have them automated if you prefer. Overall, swinging gates is more affordable than a sliding one.

Customizing Wrought Iron Gates for Your Home 

Choosing the right gates for your property has never been this easy with a reliable Orange County metal works service. Custom metalwork for your gates, fences, and doors adds understated elegance to your home, therefore increasing its aesthetic and monetary value.

At Naddour’s Custom Metalworks, you can have the ornamental iron work for your residential and business property. We will work with you, from concept to design and fabrication, to achieve the aesthetics and safety you want for your space.

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