Wood vs. Iron Staircase Railing – Why Pick Iron?

Sep 10, 2019 | Iron Staircases

When thinking about your home décor, the staircase railing might be an aspect that gets overlooked, you know, the afterthought you have once everything else is in order. But it turns out that they have more of an impact on the overall design of your home than you initially thought!

When it comes to staircase railing designs, you can choose between two major options – wrought iron railings and wooden spindles. Each option has different features and provides varying results when it comes to aesthetics, durability, and other factors.

Features of Wrought Iron Staircase Railing


Wrought iron has been used to create elegant staircase railings in luxurious estates for centuries. Their vintage appearance, even in contemporary styles, delivers sophistication at a different level. It can enhance the look of your home by standing out as a centerpiece, allowing your staircase to get the attention it deserves.

Color Options

In the debate between wood and wrought iron, it may seem like wood can give more color options, but new wrought iron railing designs come in a variety of color options as well. Not to mention, wrought iron’s rustic and antique appearance can go with any number of interior design settings.

You don’t have to make a commitment to a specific color scheme when it comes to wrought iron because they come in a variety of complementary colors and finishes that go well with a number of different settings.

Variety of Design Options

Since you can mold wrought iron into pretty much any design or shape, you get a plethora of design options to choose from, whereas wood doesn’t offer the same variety, especially if you have a taste for intricate twists and curves. Most homeowners prefer to mix varying patterns so the design looks more dramatic.

Of course, you can opt for a modern iron works or contemporary style as well when it comes to wrought iron.


Wrought iron railings provide more stability and strength as opposed to wooden spindles. In fact, it can last longer than wood because issues like mold, rot, and termites, which take a huge hit on wood’s longevity, don’t affect wrought iron. As a result, wrought iron staircase railings provide a better return on investment to your home as opposed to wooden spindles. This will prove beneficial in the long-term when you decide to sell your home.


One of the factors you need to consider before making a design renovation to your home is how you’ll maintain it and if it requires extra maintenance. With wood, it may take a little extra effort since it tends to collect dust easily and you need to clean it regularly to prevent staining. Comparatively, wrought iron staircase railings don’t require much maintenance – a simple wipe down once in a while is enough to keep them looking elegant and polished.

Wrought Iron Metalwork and Railing Options

Looking for attractive wrought iron metalwork and railing options? Naddour’s Custom Metalworks has different captivating collections to choose from. We even create custom designs for homeowners with a taste for personalized décor.

If you’re looking for a custom design staircase railing, contact the team for a Free Consultation.

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We take pride in adding the WOW factor to your home.

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