How to Decorate Your Wrought Iron Fence for Christmas

Nov 12, 2020 | Custom Metal Works

Fences made of wrought iron in Orange County are durable and malleable and make for really beautiful fences to complement your homes. But every home needs a little bit more sprucing up during Christmas, and nothing screams holiday more than decorating the first thing people see of your home—your beautiful wrought iron fence.

How to Decorate Your Wrought Iron Fence for Christmas

Unlike decorating the interior of your home, outdoor decor on your fences can be a little tricky and need more consideration.

Depending on where you live and the weather conditions during the holiday season, your decor can go from garlands and baubles to waterproof Christmas lights and stainless ornaments. 

Orange County, however, experiences Christmas by the end of fall and beginning of winter so the weather is mostly moderate. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about Christmas plants dying or lights freezing over.

Here are some tips on decorating your wrought iron fence in Orange County.

Use real plants.

A benefit of having your Orange County ironworks is the weather—it’s cold enough for you to use live plants outdoors as decorations but not too cold that they’d die.

Here are some plants you can use:

  • Mistletoe

With the cool weather during Christmas, it’s time to bring out real mistletoes and hang them over your wrought iron fence.

They go over well anywhere in your fence but they look best as a centerpiece on your gates to give a warm Christmas welcome to anyone entering your home.

It’s a good idea to use real mistletoes instead of synthetic garlands because mistletoes need cold weather to survive and the season is just right for that.

If you do put yours a little bit early, spray it with cold water whenever you see it looking a bit dry or as often as instructed.

It’s also great to hang real mistletoes outdoors because they are naturally weather-resistant, thrive in the open, and smell and look great.

You can add some ribbons to it and even include some Christmas decorations like pine cones, flowers, and stainless steel ornaments. Just be sure to wear gloves when handling your mistletoe as they are sticky and can be a bit messy if you’re not careful.

  • Garlands

Another way of decorating your wrought iron fence without having to spend on electricity is to use natural garlands made of fir or pine and line your fence with it.

Use some festive Christmas ribbons and tie pretty little bows in the segments of the garlands and attach them either to posts in your fence if they are close together or to every so many rail for a uniform appearance. 

  • Flowers

Since it does not snow in Orange County, you can add natural flowers to your fresh garlands. Some Christmas flowers you can use for decorating are Poinsettia, Winterberry Holly, and Christmas Cactus.

These flowers are most commonly red and go well with the Christmas theme.

  • Pine Cones

Pine cones grow on conifer trees and though they’re like fruits, the moment they drop on the ground, they stop growing, shrink, and are technically dead.

They make for a great addition to your outdoor fence. Moreover, since they’re no longer growing, they’re a lot easier to maintain than your fresh mistletoe, garlands, and flowers.

You also have a lot more freedom in decorating them, for example, you can paint them red or with glitter to look amazing on your garlands and mistletoe.

Use weatherproof lighting.

A common and easy decoration method for your wrought iron fence is to use weatherproof lighting, particularly weatherproof Christmas lights which work regardless of the season.

These days, Christmas lights are available with waterproof containers that come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. You can pick whichever you like and string them along or wrap them around your fence rails.

These make for really flashy decorations and are usually more than enough to decorate your fences.

However, if you like attention to detail and decorating your fence rails doesn’t seem enough, then consider decorating your fence posts as well. Doing that extra step can make all the difference in setting your house apart from all the other ones in the street.

If you’re thinking of decorating your fence posts, use waterproof Christmas lamps or lanterns. Unlike Christmas lights which are smaller and can be wielded any which way, lamps and lanterns are bigger and flashier and could tie together the entire look of your decorated fence.

When choosing Christmas lanterns, make sure they are durable so you could hang them outdoors in the weather and not have to worry when it rains. If you like a little bit of extra, there are also options for singing lanterns that play Christmas carols while blinking festively.

Having these outside the house would be nice if you have a lot of people passing by or coming into your home.

Use fabric ribbons.

Another weather-safe decoration to use is fabric. Though these can get wet and the colors will fade, they’re pretty durable overall and are inexpensive to replace.

Buying a new batch of fabric ribbons for decorating your Orange County iron works during the Christmas season can bring your decoration game up to the next level, depending on how you use them.

You don’t necessarily need to have really big bows or really shiny fabrics though you most certainly can if you want to.

But some bright red ribbons could work just as well as intricate metallic weaves as long as you take care in forming your bows and placing them in strategic areas that easily catch people’s eye, like on your mistletoe, on segments in your garland, or around your lights.

If you have a garden, you can also tie ribbons around your pots and flowers.

Use stainless ornaments.

As tempting as it is to use paper and plastic in decorating your wrought iron fence, they can easily be damaged by the rain and might look unsightly before Christmas comes.

Unless you put them on the day itself, you are better off buying stainless steel ornaments to hang along your wrought iron railings.

Though stainless steel ornaments are more expensive than plastic, they can endure the weather conditions outdoors and you can simply wash them after use and store them for next Christmas.

The ornaments also come with strings when you buy them so you can easily hang them over your rails and take them off after the season is over, making for a no-fuss decorating method.

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