Few Things You Must Do Before you Buy an Iron Door

Oct 1, 2019 | Iron Doors

Critical things you must do when you’re considering a custom wrought iron door for home.

Congratulations! If you’ve been thinking about adding an iron door to enhance the entrance to your home, you’re about to join the many thousands of home owners who have found that decision to be one of their best ever.

Ornamental wrought iron adds a powerful design element to your home. Even better, the iron door should last much longer than wood doors. Wrought iron door has long represented an elegant and rich entrance. What a better way to make a statement other a grand custom wrought iron door. Here are a few tips that may help you in your hiring process.


Things You Absolutely Must Do Before You Hire a Custom Iron Contractor:

#1: Make sure that the door is zinc metalized and painted and not powder coated.

Powder coating is great for furniture and small decorative items which are easy to take to a powder coating company and get it redone when it goes bad. Powder coating ages by discoloring/fading and eventually the top coat layer shrinks and cracks leaving bare metal exposed which causes rusting from the inside. The main problem is that you cannot paint over powder coated products. Paint will not stick to the baked on finish which is a thin plastic like coating. This is easy to treat for if a chair or a table by sending it out for re-treatment though not all that feasible when it is a heavy multi-layer front door with glass with heavy structural attachments to the walls and the floor. The maintenance on a Zinc Metalize coating and finish paints is minimal, and when it is due for another layer of paint, you can hire a painter to simply repaint the front door that will usually hold for 10-15 years (depending on weathering conditions)

#2: Find a company that knows about wrought iron.

There are a lot of companies that have started re-selling iron doors like a table or some patio furniture. Most of them have had no wrought iron experience, and they just end up with the business by becoming a reseller or a middle man between you and the factory. We at Naddour’s Custom Metalworks and Baltic Iron Doors are the factory. We have been designing, fabricating, and installing wrought iron doors and products for decades. This guarantees a better product because we know how to maintain a high quality production line and are constantly improving our fabrication and design techniques which are trade secrets that are passed on from generation to generation.


#3: Find a company that offers installation services.

There is often much to learn from the installation process, which filters back to the drawing board to improve design and fabrication details to insure proper and easy installation. A company may not necessarily be able to install in your area, though if they offer installation at all, their products are more likely to be go through the installation process smoothly. Also less likely to have things missing or not fittings by the simple parameter that they have to install it themselves often. We at Baltic Iron Doors do offer installation services nation-wide in general and California in specific and we’re constantly striving to expand our reach. Check with us to see if we cover your area.


#4: You are lot better off getting the iron door with glass already included.

Many door companies offer iron doors. Glass is not usually included and you may be forced to find a local glass company to fabricate and install the glass. Though it is not rocket science, not having experience with iron doors a mistake or two can easily happen. This can be very frustrating to deal with. We provide base glass options already included and installed into the hinged window frame.


#5: Do plenty of research.

There is lots of information online to help you understand the products and also have other homeowners share their experiences with different companies. Call us and we’ll educate you and help you understand our custom products better and we’re sure that it’ll help your research.


#6: Call, talk to the staff and visit the facility.

If you don’t get great service when you are calling to get general information, you’re definitely not going to get good service later on in the process. You can usually get a good feel of the company’s business ethics with a phone call to the office and the designer or sales person. A genuine care and consideration is a very important trait for any business owner to instill in his staff. It may mean more time “wasted” but it is something that we see as an investment when you are considering future growth through great customer service.

Good luck with your project, and if we may be of service, contact us online or call us at 714.546.3003.

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We take pride in adding the WOW factor to your home.

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