Benefits of Custom Metal Works for Your Business

Jun 22, 2020 | Custom Metal Works

Ornamental wrought iron can work wonders for the exterior of your business in both aesthetics, security, and value. These are only some of the many reasons why business owners are increasingly opting for elegant and highly functional ornamental iron works in Los Angeles. Available in a wide array of styles and design varieties, wrought iron also offers several benefits that may not be as obvious upon first glance.

 When a business has particular requirements or just wants to add a unique touch, custom metalwork is an excellent option. If you are in the marketplace for custom metalwork for your business, but are still on the fence about the decision, don’t hesitate any longer.

Take a look at a few of the great benefits that custom metalwork can provide your business!

Benefits of Custom Metal Works for Your Business

Iron Door

Improved Lighting

Wrought iron doors not only keep you safe, but they also allow natural lighting to enter your entryway.

They are strong and durable enough to include glass features, without losing any of the critical foundational elements of the door. They are easily customizable, and you can add windows to the door to customize an ideal balance of lighting, safety, and privacy for your business.

Unique Aesthetic

If you want an entryway that is truly unique and stands out from nearby properties, an iron door is an excellent choice. Wrought iron doors add a particular type of charm to any property and offer plenty of design options, allowing you to customize it to your unique taste.

Custom wrought iron doors add elegance and prestige that cannot be outdone by softer doors.


Iron Fence

Increased Curb Appeal

When people think of wrought iron fences, they think of their beauty. Although this certainly isn’t the sole reason why people switch to iron fences, the added curb appeal can’t be denied.

With several different layout options to choose from, you can purchase a custom wrought iron fence that is simple or dramatic, depending on your unique taste. Whether you’re entertaining guests or welcoming potential clients, a stunning wrought iron fence will make a lasting impression on anyone who walks through them.

Supports Nearby Landscaping

Another great advantage of decorative ironworks is that it not only doesn’t disturb nearby landscaping, but supports it.

Compared to traditional fencing, a wrought iron fence provides a sturdy structure for nearby plants to climb and grow alongside. When combined with the natural beauty of magnificent landscaping, the classic elegance of a wrought iron fence is unlike anything else available.


Iron Railings

Less Maintenance

Wrought iron is made with a combination of iron combined and carbon, which gives the material improved strength, while also making it flexible enough to be transformed into beautiful shapes and designs.

Wrought iron also has an incredible resistance to corrosion and only requires painting once every 3 to 5 years, depending on its exposure to natural elements. Even if wrought iron does begin to rust, the structural integrity remains intact, giving it plenty of time to be restored before it’s compromised.

More Durability

One great benefit of wrought iron is how durable of a material it is. Whether it’s an outdoor or indoor railing, a wrought iron railing is capable of standing up to all kinds of elements. It can withstand rain, snow, and heavy traffic, without becoming damaged or rusted.

Unlike other railing materials, when properly maintained, wrought iron railings can provide a classic appeal to your property for decades.

Iron Gate

Added Security

If security is an issue or concern for you, a wrought iron gate is a great way to protect your employees and your property from sundry threats. Whether you’re trying to keep out unwanted intruders or you want to filter who’s entering your place of business, an iron gate will get the job done without sacrificing aesthetics.

Wrought iron gates are much harder to break into compared to traditional materials, and they provide an added layer of security for your organization, allowing you to enjoy greater peace of mind.

More Property Value

Even if you don’t currently have goals to sell the property, replacing your standard gated entrance with a beautiful and extravagant wrought iron gate is among the most considerable investments you can make in terms of recouping everything you spend.

Maintaining the value of your property is a constant battle, which makes finding easy adjustments to make here and there worthwhile. Any time you have the chance to enhance any part of your property, it makes sense to consider how it might affect the overall property value down the line.

Who is Naddour’s Custom Metalworks?

Naddour’s Custom Metalworks provides the elegance of ornamental wrought iron and combines it with the highest quality standards of detail, craftsmanship, and beauty. A team of artisans carefully handpicks every Naddour’s product, then carefully installed and completed.

With decades of experience and exquisite craftsmanship, Naddour’s remains committed to meeting every expectation of their customers, and Every home that Naddour’s Custom Metalworks is involved with is treated with the maximum level of attention, passion, and care.

Make the Change to Wrought Iron with Naddour’s Custom Metalworks

Installing custom metal works in your business makes a statement in more ways than one. Investing in ornamental wrought iron not only makes for a unique addition to your business, but it also makes a statement that you care about the protection of your business, as well.

If you want a simple way to add value and security to your business, while also increasing its aesthetic appeal, custom wrought iron metal works from Naddour’s Custom Metalworks is the way to go.

If you’re interested in improving your business in more ways than one, Naddour’s Custom Metalworks is your source for the highest quality and distinctive modern metal works in Santa Ana, California.

At Naddour’s Custom Metalworks, our mission for the last 38 years has been to help you create an environment that is elegant and glamorous, and we fulfill that promise with the most exquisite quality craftsmanship. We can custom design, manufacture, and install any style of wrought iron works that you desire to ensure that you get the look and performance you want.

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We take pride in adding the WOW factor to your home.

We stand behind our top quality products.

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