Advantages of Installing Wrought Iron in Your Property

Dec 10, 2020 | Custom Metal Works

Safety and aesthetics are the prime factors to consider when it comes to choosing the type of Orange County iron works that you will want to put on your property.

Not only do we want barriers that can keep our home and businesses secure, but we also want for our property to make an impression from the outside.

There are lots of gates that can provide the protection that we seek, but a lot of those are unsightly. Clunky steel bars or barbed wire types just won’t do. Wrought iron gates are the perfect option for the barriers that are both secure and stylish.

This type of barrier, which is an iron alloy, is highly versatile and can be used for both residential and commercial properties. Compared to cast iron, the former has lower carbon content making it highly durable, resistant to corrosion, malleable, and can be welded easily.

Because of these qualities, wrought iron in Orange County was used to make different kinds of metal products, such as nails, horseshoes, railings, and garden furniture.

The use of wrought iron goes way back to Ancient Roman times. Gates of the Westminster Abbey in London were made using the said material, which dates back to the 13th century. Moreover, during the Middle Ages, it was used to create weapons and tools.

Benefits of Having Wrought Iron Gates in Your Property

Here are several reasons why wrought iron gates and fences are definitely worth the investment.

Reliable Security

Wrought iron barriers are truly capable of providing maximum security for your property. These iron bars are invulnerable to wire cutters and the tops of these fences are usually outfitted with spikes, which makes it effective in keeping criminals and trespassers out.

This will also prevent children and pets from wandering beyond the property.

Extreme Durability

There are other popular fencing options such as vinyl and wood, which do have their advantages. But they also have drawbacks that will make you want to consider wrought iron fences instead. 

Wood is more vulnerable to natural elements and will decay over time. Vinyl does not rot, but the material is flimsy, which makes it vulnerable to physical damages as well.

Wrought iron fences can withstand these problems since the material is extremely resistant to weather and can take strong force without sustaining damage. It can still remain intact after getting hit by a car or a falling tree branch.

Easy Installation

Bespoke barriers are a great investment for those who can afford them, but even those with more modest budgets can still get wrought iron fences for their property. Manufacturers now offer wide options for the DIY market, creating fences that are designed and manufactured in panels.

You can go through the installation during the weekend. However, you need to ensure that you set the posts apart with the right distances. Then, mount the bracket using the horizontal frame and then screw it to the post.

Great Curb Appeal

You don’t have to compromise aesthetics in order to get secure fencing. Gates from Orange County metal works make your property look more elegant, which definitely increases curb appeal.

Design options are plenty, as it comes in different shapes and designs. You can choose from the wide array of existing products or you can have your gates and fences custom made to best suit the theme and style of your home or commercial space.

Making wrought iron gates involve high levels of craftsmanship, especially for those with bespoke or custom made designs. Specialized tools and processes are used for forging to reflect the craftsman’s skill and artistry.

Also, having this kind of gate and fence increases the resale value of your property. Curb appeal is one of the main characteristics of homes with high resale value and wrought iron fences can make your home look elegant while buyers will certainly approve of the security that such barriers provide for the property.

Low Maintenance

While it’s true that the initial cost of wrought iron fencing, including its installation, is higher compared to other types, you will be able to offset what you spent with its low maintenance.

This is a classic case of paying a premium for quality. Wrought iron gates are the kind that you just install, pretty much leave it on its own, and check up on it once in a while.

Unlike wooden gates, you don’t have to sand and repaint iron gates frequently. Maintenance is indeed very low. Because of the kind of paint used on wrought iron these days, you don’t have to repaint for up to 10 years.

That’s all you have to do to keep your Orange County ironworks barriers looking fresh and well-maintained. Most of these gates or fences are already treated so all you need to do to clean them is to wipe them from time to time.


If you’re the sort who wants things eco-friendly, you will be glad to know that you’re doing your bit in saving the environment if you choose Orange County iron works.

Since the material lasts decades, you don’t have to replace it frequently. The iron can also be reused — antique and vintage stores love repurposing wrought iron and recycle them after a very long time.

By the time it becomes scrap metal, you have made full use of it way beyond your money’s worth.

Get the Best Options for Wrought Iron in Orange County

You will need a wide array of designs to choose from, as well as customization options, for your wrought iron barriers.

Let Naddour’s Custom Metalworks help you choose the perfect iron doors, gates, and fences for your home. We design, fabricate and install ornamental iron works for residential homes and businesses.

We have craftsmen who specialize in designing, crafting and installing custom metal works. 

From concept to design and fabrication, we will work with you every step of the way so that you get the exact result you want.

Let us get started on creating the right wrought iron works for your home, contact our team at Naddour’s Custom Metalworks today.

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