Adding Wrought Iron to Revive Your Home—Spanish Style

May 16, 2022 | Custom Metal Works

When one thinks of California, images of sprawling greenery, a breezy coastline, and homes with pale stucco walls and brick roofs come to mind. Such home designs are reminiscent of grand palaces on European coastlines. To add to the opulence, homeowners love to complement Spanish-style homes with wrought iron works.

Spanish-style homes have been and continue to be a popular architectural style, particularly in California homes that use Orange County iron works. However, it’s critical to be familiar with the style and its defining characteristics to achieve the desired look throughout your home renovation project.

Below, we’ll discuss the history of Spanish-style homes, some of their unique design elements, and the various ways you can add various decorative wrought iron works around your home.

Keep reading to learn more and find out how a reputable wrought iron manufacturer can help you revive your Spanish-style home with iron works Orange County.

What is a Spanish Style Home Design?

The term Spanish colonial revival most commonly refers to homes built in the early twentieth century in the United States or Mexico. Because of regional styles and the tools and materials available to the original settlers, there are significant differences in Spanish-style homes across the country today, but the majority share traditional characteristics of the style.

The architectural style is a hybrid of Spanish missions and Mediterranean-style homes, with the goal of keeping the interior cool even on hot days. Architects attribute the popularity of the style to factors such as the use of low-cost building materials such as stucco, thick walls that reduce air-conditioning and electric costs by keeping out the scorching southern sun, and courtyards that provide shade and privacy.

Design Elements of Spanish Style Homes

Since the eighteenth century, the key design elements of Spanish-style home architecture haven’t changed much. Although Spanish Colonial styles have evolved over time and geographically, the majority of Spanish-style homes have kept key elements from the original designs.

Here are some of the most distinguishing characteristics of Spanish-style homes:

Tile Roofing

Many modern Spanish-style homes have a low sloped roof with red-colored tiles. This creates strong visual contrast with the white stucco on the exterior walls. The tile color also incorporates an earthier color that is directly related to a desert climate.

Spanish-style roofs are divided amongst the sections of the home, especially when features such as towers or high chimneys are present.

Wooden Support Beams

One of the primary color contrasts in the interior of the home is derived from exposed dark wood support beams crossing the room. They now serve primarily as decorative features and can be eye-catching in large spaces, thanks to more modern and secure building practices.

Accent features and furniture can also be chosen to complement the color and texture of these beams to achieve a rustic look.

Decorative Arches

Homes built in the Spanish style are known for their dramatic archways. These archways are primarily used for doorways and windows, and they can range from a simple and straightforward design to a dramatic decorative feature.

Interior arches can also be found in long hallways and can help to feature the ceiling in any room look smoother.

Wrought Iron Features

All of the materials used in Spanish Revival homes are beautiful, but wrought iron is one of those features. Wrought iron stair railings are common in Spanish-style homes and are not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside.

These features are much more decorative than the other design elements mentioned above, but they can also be crucial to the overall appearance of the interior and exterior of the Spanish-style home.

Design Tips for Adding Wrought Iron Works to Your Spanish-Style Home

Spanish-style homes first appeared on the architecture scene in the early 1900s, but it is still a popular home style today. These home designs are always flavorful and vibrant, so it’s no surprise that homeowners want to replicate the look in their homes.

Here are some decorating ideas to guide and inspire you when renovating your Spanish-style home with decorative wrought iron works:

Implement Wrought Iron Landscaping

The landscaping of a Spanish-style home is very distinct in terms of containers and foliage selection. In a larger Spanish-style home, owners can create their own private indoor garden by combining wrought iron wrapped boxed plants and even large urns with regional olive and palm trees.

Wrought iron seating, benches, and tables, as well as Moorish or Moroccan-style lanterns, also make excellent accents.

Add Wrought Iron Accents

Wrought iron accenting is another popular decorative feature on the exteriors of Spanish-style homes. Wrought iron is most commonly used in stairways and railings on upper floors of open floor plans.

By leaving the second-story doorways visible with elaborately designed iron railings, the entire home appears grander and larger than it is.

Install a Wrought Iron Fence 

Because many Spanish Revival homes combine outdoor and indoor living spaces, the fence you select is more important than ever, as it can affect the flow of your home. Decorative wrought iron works are an excellent feature to install for a Spanish-style fence.

Many Spanish-style homes have wrought iron balcony railings or wrought iron door handles, wall sconces, or gates, making a wrought iron fence a great addition.

Revive Your Home with Wrought Iron Works From Naddour’s Custom Metal Works

With elegant touches that represent the region that inspired this unique architecture, Spanish-style homes tend to stand out above standard single-family homes. Furthermore, with decorative touches and beautifully wrought iron works in Orange County, you can enjoy a villa-style vacation every day.

If you want to improve the overall look of your home, Naddour’s Custom Metalworks is your number one source for the highest quality and distinctive wrought iron works.

We pride ourselves on our ability to add beauty and value to your home with high-quality decorative wrought iron works. When you work with us, you can count on excellent customer service as well as professional design, fabrication, and installation at every stage of the process.

We can custom design, manufacture, and install any style of wrought iron features to ensure that you will enjoy and appreciate the new look of your home for many years to come.

If you would like to learn more about wrought iron works in Orange County, CA, and how we can help you improve your home’s design, schedule a free consultation and find out how we can help. Contact us at 714-546-3003 at Naddour’s Custom Metalworks today!

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