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8 Ideas for Iron Stair Railings that will Elevate Your Home Design

Mar 25, 2021 | Iron Railings

When it comes to timeless elegance, nothing beats wrought iron stair railings used in strategic parts of the interiors, such as the stairs. While some may argue that metal is more cost-effective to use in baluster systems, wrought iron can still hold its own especially in terms of aesthetics. 

Wrought iron is a great material to use for those looking for a handrail system for their residential and commercial space, as it is both functional and beautiful. It will definitely give your stairs an upgraded look with a luxury feel.

It will help to understand how gates and railings were first used and how they were made in determining the value of using wrought iron as material. During the 15th century, wrought iron railings were manufactured thanks to blast furnaces. Iron has been used in creating decor for a very long time back then and has evolved continuously with the improvements in production techniques.

This is why you can see lots of iron in gothic railings of old churches and cathedrals. Churches use gates and railings around their property and later on, wrought iron balusters. The use of iron railings has become common in royal properties come the Victorian era. This evolution gave birth to the two different styles of railings – Georgian and Victorian.

Now there are countless ways to use wrought iron in stairs and railings, as decorators mix contemporary styles with classical elements. These gave birth to industrial and minimalist designs.

Wrought Iron Vs Metal Railings and Baluster

Simple metal balusters certainly have their own appeal, but it doesn’t have the myriad of options that wrought iron has in terms of customization. The malleable nature of wrought iron can be hand-forged beautifully into different shapes and designs.

In the hands of artisan welders of Orange County metal works, the options are limitless, from clean geometrical designs to elaborate patterns. Wrought iron can also accommodate both paneled and single baluster arrangements, as it can be forged into custom curves.

Wrought Iron Staircase Design Ideas

Stair railings are more than just a protective part of your home. It is also a customizable area that can add visual presence and transform your staircase into a work of art. Here are some wrought iron staircase design ideas that will elevate the look of your home.

  • Flowing Spirals and Florals

This design exudes contemporary vibes that pay tribute to classic staircases. This staircase is made up of large spirals interspersed with smaller spirals and other details – twists, loops, roses,  and clover motifs. With high-gloss black paint, this staircase transforms into a modern art statement.

The design can be achieved by designing spirals in loose and intricate styles, with layers intertwined together. Add floral details like leaves and roses, plus unusual details such as loops to give it a touch of quirk.

  • Gorgeous Baroque Spirals

If you have a Baroque-style interior, this staircase is just the perfect crowning touch. It evokes French grandeur with a contemporary edge. The overall look suggests opulence with a dash of unconventionality. The design draws inspiration from French, especially Parisian wrought iron staircases and incorporates leaves and flower bulbs into the design in a setting of visual balance and symmetry.

  • Nature-inspired Staircase

This soft, organic looks has a frame that mimics an unfurling vine. If you want this subtly beautiful staircase, ask your blacksmith to put abstract and organic lines into the frame, with straight handrail and base rail. At the bottom, include gentle twists and then use native flora as overall inspiration.

  • Intricate Arabesque Railing

This features an Arabesque floral pattern with vertical straight railings. This look is achieved using vintage floral patterns as inspiration and balancing the design with vertical lines to make it look more organized. It’s essential that each floral motif is surrounded by open space to make it look balanced and uncluttered.

  • Stalk-inspired Ornamental Railing

This railing looks like having delicate vines or stalks rolling down your stairs. This is also great for outdoor stairs since wrought iron is weather-resistant and therefore can hold its own against the elements. This design, which uses native flora for inspiration, entails creating smooth and thin organic lines and spirals with gentle twists.

  • Swirly Stair Balustrade

This smooth and graceful design features flowing spirals that is best paired with rustic timber steps. This look can be achieved by drawing a mockup showing loosely tangled spirals with a straight outer railing that also ends in a spiral.

  • Classic Victorian Railing

The sleek vertical lines in this railing is perfect for those who prefer the classic Victorian design. It’s a simple but timeless look that features vertical lines with diagonal spirals and gentle loops. This look should be balanced to look clean and stylish.

  • Stately Railing With Polished Timber

Wrought iron combined with wood produces a stately-looking staircase that is simple but lavish. The design features tight twists in the black circles and curved long arches. 

The posts are stained to match the staircase trim and handrails, which makes everything look regal. The series of arches in the panels also feature rosettes and twisted vertical lines. If you want to go real lavish, combine wrought iron, timber, and marble.

Get the Iron Stair Railing of Your Dreams Today

For beautiful wrought iron staircases that are meant to be shown off, you will need the services of Orange County iron works that employ only the best artisans and craftsmen to build their products. Wrought iron provides character to your home, whether it’s used for gates, fences, and other custom works such as stables, sheds, metal bridges, gazebos, safe doors, panic room doors, and many more.

Wrought iron railings is one of the favorite services that Naddour’s Custom Metalworks offers to its clients. Railings not only provide safety for home staircases, it also increases the value of your property because of aesthetic appeal. Get in touch with us for beautiful, functional, and affordable iron railing for balconies, staircases, and handrails and guardrails.

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We take pride in adding the WOW factor to your home.

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