6 Holiday Decoration Ideas for Your Wrought Iron Staircase

Nov 26, 2020 | Custom Metal Works

If your staircase is made of Wrought iron in Orange County, then you’re probably wondering how to decorate them for the incoming holiday season.

The good thing about wrought iron is it’s very durable and there’s a lot you can do in terms of decorating, from hanging heavy centerpieces to stringing lights that lit up.

Moreover, a wrought iron staircase can be decorated several ways, you can decorate the railing, the handrail, the base of the railing, and the steps of the staircase itself. 

Below are 6 Holiday Decoration Ideas You Can Consider

  • Line the staircase handrail.

One of the easiest ways to decorate your Orange County iron works staircase is to line your handrail with garland and decorate it with Christmas lights, flowers, ornaments, and ribbons.

This allows you a lot of freedom to decorate your handrail. You can use thinner garlands and present an understated and elegant aesthetic or go all out using garland, lights, and baubles to make an elaborate and eye-catchy decor.

Decorating the handrail is an excellent idea if your balusters have intricate designs or filigree that you want to show off. It’s also safer if you have small children or pets in the house who tend to cling onto the balusters and could get tangled with the decorations if you put them too low.

If you have elderly members at home, however, or if you have people who heavily rely on the handrails to use the staircase, other decorating options might be a better choice. 

  • Embellish your balusters.

The balusters of your wrought iron staircase offer a lot of space to work with and a quick and easy way to transform how it looks is by wrapping it with some lights.

Not only is this simple to do and easy to clean up later, but it also looks really beautiful if your house is dim or you plan to hold events during the holidays with dim lighting.

The Christmas lights also double as a guiding light for people using the staircase at night or in the dark.

But if you’re choosing to go more eco-friendly, another option is to decorate your balusters with baubles and ribbons instead of Christmas lights. This energy-saving option would look amazing during the day or under bright lights.

To do this, prepare brightly colored ribbons of varying colors. Cut them into different lengths with the shortest being around 15-20 inches long and the longest being just short of the height of the balusters.

At one end of each ribbon, tie a Christmas bauble. Afterward, attach the other end of the ribbons to the junction between the handrail and the balusters and tie them into neat bows for even better presentation.

These would look really beautiful with light reflecting off the baubles and with the wind blowing into the house and swinging the ribbons around. For added festivity, you can switch the baubles for bells so they would ring and remind you of the holiday season even when you’re not looking.

A more fun decor idea is to hang socks on your balusters instead of over your fireplace. If you have children in the house or visiting your home over the holidays, the socks could double as containers for presents or stocking stuffers.

Just make sure not to put fragile or heavy items inside them to avoid accidents or breakage should any of the socks fall. 

  • Put plants or mini Christmas trees on some of the steps.

If you’re reluctant to decorate wrought iron wires, you can put pots of plants decorated with lights, flowers, and baubles, or mini Christmas trees along the balusters, and on every few steps of the staircase.

You can choose to put them all on one side or alternate them right and left if you have a wider staircase. Not only is this easy if you use real house plants but it is also a great way to clean the air in your home while festivities are ongoing and guests are coming in!

Just be careful not to use fragile pots should anyone stumble upon them after one too many glasses of wine. This is also a good idea if you don’t have children or pets at home who might break them by accident.

  • Hang mistletoes on the balusters.

No Christmas decor would be complete without at least one mistletoe at home.

If you’re wondering where the perfect place is to put it, hanging them on the balusters or railings of your Orange County ironwork staircase can be really pretty. If your staircase is in the living room and in direct view of people visiting, this is a great decoration idea.

And who says you should hang only one mistletoe? Bring out your holiday spirit and hang as many mistletoes as you want or as many as your balusters would allow, which is a lot!

  • Put Christmas lights on the stair steps.

A more understated but nonetheless very elegant way of decorating your Orange County metal works is to put Christmas lights directly on the stair steps.

The best kind of Christmas lights to use here are the tube Christmas lights that you can attach to the edges or the dips of the steps with packaging tape or thin wire to hold the lights in place.

Be careful to closely attach the lights onto the stairs and do not put them on the surface of the step as people might trip over them or step on them, damaging the lights.

  •  Put a Christmas rug at the foot or on landing areas of the staircase.

If you do not have time to decorate, you can always grab a holiday-themed rug and place it at the bottom or on the quarter landing areas of your staircase.

This idea takes only a few seconds to execute and the rugs also serve a practical purpose. Though it’s not ideal to use them to clean the house, they can come in handy when food and drinks spill on your flooring.

Red wine on hardwood can be such a nightmare! 

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