10 Awesome Designs for Iron Staircases

May 29, 2020 | Iron Staircases

One of the best parts of choosing iron for your staircase is how versatile it is. Unlike so many other materials, iron can be formed into nearly any design you dream up, which means it can suit every type of architecture and atmosphere. From an elegant foyer to a minimalist living room, wrought iron staircases seamlessly fit in anywhere.

Our Orange County iron works team will work with you to create the perfect design for your living space. Not only does custom metal work ensure your new staircase suits your style, but it also means you won’t be purchasing expensive mass-produced iron work. Instead, you will be working with a team of experts who use the best modern techniques that produce exceptional results.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to begin when it comes to choosing a style for your iron staircase. To provide you with some inspiration, here are 10 awesome designs to consider when choosing an iron staircase.

1. Go Functional and Chic with Metal Stringers

Many modern homes use industrial materials like concrete and exposed bricks or pipes to give a functional and stripped back atmosphere. Our metal stringers for both traditional and spiral wrought iron staircases are a great addition to this style home because they are minimal with a focus on functionality.

Stringers are usually found on either side of a staircase and hold together the treads and risers. While they come in all types of materials and styles, simple metal stringers will provide the needed support for your staircase without seeming out of place.

2. Mix Materials 

If you want a staircase that will get your guests talking, consider mixing materials. For example, wrought iron works beautifully with wood, marble, and even glass for a very modern look. No matter the atmosphere you are trying to create, mixed materials can help you achieve your design dreams.

3. Opt for Modern Minimalism

Despite being a fixture in architecture for centuries, wrought iron still speaks to a modern and minimalist aesthetic. The key here is to choose from our unadorned modern iron works options, such as sparse vertical balusters. Having the staircase made entirely out of iron will also speak to a minimalist style and keep your home looking cohesive and clean.

4. Glamorous and Ornate

If modern minimalism isn’t your thing, there are an abundance of ornate designs that will elevate your home into a glamorous and sophisticated space.

While spiral staircases are naturally elegant, choosing to install ornate railings with your spiral staircase is sure to make a show-stopping statement. Since every detail is essential, our team will help you find the perfect design for every part of your staircase, including the spindles and railings.

For extra glamour, consider using wrought iron handrails with marble stairs. This will keep the design simple but sophisticated.

5. Choose a Colourful Finish

While most iron staircases are black, that doesn’t mean they have to be! Whether you want a neutral colored staircase or something more colorful, our team can help you find the perfect finish for your iron staircase.

Neutral colors are very popular for outdoor staircases because they blend beautifully into the landscape allowing nature to take the spotlight.

6. ‘Floating’ Staircases

Floating staircases are becoming increasingly popular due to their chic modern design and aesthetic appeal. These staircases minimize the underlying support structure, either relying on wall support or a hidden post.

Iron supports or railings can add to the modern feel and you might also consider using cables instead of a more intricate design.

This style is a very modern architectural feat and will grab your guests’ attention without seeming too fussy or elaborate.

7. Think Abstract

Want to add some personal flair to your home? Consider custom designing the railings and balusters of your iron staircase to reflect your own artistic style. There is no end to the options available, from abstract shapes to wrought iron flowers, choosing a custom staircase means you can let your imagination roam free!

Your custom design will fit in perfectly with the rest of your home because it represents your personality and style.

8. Classic Twists

When most people think about wrought iron staircases, twisted spindles probably come to mind. That’s because they are one of the most classic designs available. Iron railings with a twisted design value simplicity, but still integrate a sophisticated and polished look into your living space.

If you don’t think ornate designs are for you but still want some design elements featured in your modern iron work staircase, classic twisted railings are an excellent choice.

9. Spiral Staircases

Whether you are designing a staircase for your home or business property, an iron spiral staircase is sure to make a statement and draw attention. Not only is it a fun architectural feature, but it can also start conversations and create a more unique living experience.

We can help you design a spiral staircase that is as elaborate or simple as you desire. While spiral staircases might seem like an incredible luxury to many people, they can actually be added to most properties.

10. Make a Statement

Whatever type of staircase you choose to incorporate into your home, modern iron work will make a big statement that aligns with your personal style and aesthetic. The possibilities are endless with custom iron work and our team will work with you to find the best designs for your home or business.

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